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Calgary, AB, Canada

UPCOMING - Fall showing Oct 2017 at Caylex Art Exhibition and Sale




Fall showing

Midtown Mosaic

September 29, 2017           6pm to 9:30pm     (Wine and cheese reception)

September 30, 2017           10am to 3pm

St. Stephen's Anglican Church 1121, 14th Ave SW, Calgary, Alberta

Caylex Art Exhibition and Sale

Oct 21 & 22 2017      Door open at 10am to 4pm

Crescent Heights Community Centre 1101 - 2nd Street NW, Calgary, Alberta

please note I will not be showing on both days, I will update once the show gets closer.  Check back

Her ink work comes from inspiration by nature and a softer approach. The ink is dripped onto Yupo paper and manipulated by air or the use of other materials like sponges and alcohol to name a few. 

Janice’s husband is responsible for the movie aspects in her pop art series of film inspired work.  She was asked to create art for the movie room. Since then clients have been requesting their favorite movie characters.  The series is done in acrylics on traditional canvas.  Her love of bold colours always has a roll to play with clean crisp lines.

Janice has the most fun letting go with abstract art.  It’s a time for her to be free of detail and let her mood dictate the piece.  She uses a wide variety of mixed media to create dramatic painting full of texture and colour.  Both canvas and wood panels are her first choices for the perfect surfaces to get messy on.

You can see Janice's work in person at Calyx Distinctive Art Exhibition and Sale Saturday October 22, 2016 in Calgary Alberta. 

Featured in the show will be exclusively her Ink work.

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"IN FULL BLOOM" What an amazing show!  Thank you  to Calyx and everyone who came out. 

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Janice Lochhead is a contemporary artist whose studio is located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Each piece she creates is inspired by something different and distinct, whether it is popular culture, people, movies, architecture or one of her favorites, nature. She really enjoys working in a wide variety of mediums and developing new techniques.  Her desire to try various styles and techniques helps to bring out the unique quality of each piece.  From inks to acrylics, a palette knife to an air brush, anything is game when it comes to Janice’s vision and what she is creating.  When she gets inspired, that inspiration will dictate which medium to use. 

Thank you for  visiting my website.  If you are interested in any of the pieces please send me an email  for more information at JaniceLochhead@gmail.com