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Janice Lochhead is a contemporary artist whose studio is located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Each piece she creates is inspired by something different and distinct.  

She really enjoys working in a wide variety of mediums and developing new techniques.  Her desire to try various styles and techniques helps to bring out the unique quality of each piece.  From inks to resin to acrylics, a palette knife to an air brush, anything is game when it comes to Janice’s vision and what she is creating.  When she gets inspired, that inspiration will dictate which medium to use.

Her ink work comes from inspiration by nature and a softer approach.  The ink glides onto Yupo paper and manipulated in a way to show off the bold colours she chooses.

Her resin work is inspired by water.  A view from above or sitting on a beach.  There is just something about water that relaxes the soul.  Each layer of resin that is added to a piece gives depth an interest.

Janice has the most fun letting go with abstract art.  It’s a time for her to be free of detail and let her mood dictate the piece.  She uses a wide variety of mixed media to create dramatic painting full of texture and colour.


My journey as an artist started in 2010 as a Cake Designer.  I have been featured and credited across North America in a variety of media articles.  Twice as a cake artist in Cake Central magazine.  CBC News as a featured artist segment.  Also as a design artist in a Las Vegas trade magazines.  International design competition winner in Australia 2014.  A Blue Ribbon winner at the Calgary Stampede cake decorating event in 2015.

In 2014, expanding on my experiences and successes with cake design I transitioned into the world of fine art.  My art sales have extended throughout North America and as far away as the Middle East.  My customer base is by word of mouth, art shows, through my website and the use of social media.  I am mostly self-taught though I do take advantage of classes through art stores and online.

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